This Country Farmhouse (and the woman inside it)

Good morning everyone!

I want to thank each and every one of you for visiting my new website!

Many of you have probably purchased from me in one venue or another over the years. I wanted to post a quick picture of Me (Amber Phillips) and my farmhouse (The Sunflower Ranch).

We built this website to be more efficient, safer, faster but we also wanted to have more control over our influence. I want to not only encourage you to purchase (lol) but more so to have a place to inspire you.

Your surroundings (home, office or other) should not only comfort you but also leave a lasting feeling with those that enter. Even the smallest moment can influence and/or inspire someone's entire day. Sure, you could buy from the local big box store, but everyone else is too. You are not a copy of someone else, be
original-be creative-be comforting!

You are buying American made and supporting an American artist (which we all need to do more of).

In these times, our homes have become our safe havens, a place of solace and self expression.I want to share ideas, post pictures, tutorials, home tours and update you on new products.

I hope to hear your ideas and thoughts..drop me a message! Sending you all love and light

Amber Phillips

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Sandi Bruce - Sep 30, 2018

Hi Amber, have so enjoyed following you from good ole Pueblo!!!! Miss you but so happy for your move backj home. God Bless

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