The Origin of Vintage Throw Pillows

Vintage throw pillows are simply just throw pillows that look slightly worn, or maybe a little bit faded.

These pillows could also have some vintage motif about them, such as old keys or a vintage map, printed on the pillow itself.  However, it’s the love and timeless history in the image and feel of these pillows that is so alluring.  

These pillows have become a big part of the Americana décor in recent years and it is very easy to see why since they are so cute and fun and an easy way to make a room seem more interesting.

There are two types of vintage throw pillows.  One type is truly vintage pillows meaning that these pillows are a few years old (the exact age of the pillow will determine how vintage of a style you are looking for exactly). 

A great place to find these types of pillows would be thrift stores or even local garage sales.  A great thing about buying truly vintage pillows is that you can get amazing looking pillows for simply a fraction of the cost. 

Do be careful and make sure that you clean the pillow very well before putting it near you or your family members because since it is an old, used pillow who knows where it could have been or what could be on it, but do not let this keep you from buying a pillow that you love.

Vintage Throw PillowsThe other type is simply a new throw pillow that is made to look vintage.  Finding newly made vintage throw pillows is much easier than you may think.  Such pillows can be found on a wide variety of websites and in countless stores. So finding you perfect pillow will be an easy feat to accomplish.  These pillows also come in such a wide variety of shapes and colors and designs that you will have no problem finding the perfect pillow for your living room or bedroom or where ever you wish to put the pillow. They are also great to mix and match and to use to play with different colors and fabrics and patterns.

Throw pillows are a great accessory for just about any room that has a chair or a bed.  They are a classic aspect to Americana décor and I do see them going out of style anytime soon.  They are the perfect way to make any seat more cozy and inviting. 

And vintage throw pillow are the perfect way to add your own personal flare and to keep your home looking interesting and different.

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