ASK THE CHICK- "The hardest part about being an artist"

Good morning everyone!

I wanted to do a fun and quick little post every week, answering frequent and fun questions that I get  from your sweet emails/messages. 

I often get, "What's the hardest part about being an artist?".

I have two answers for that question. Some days there are more than two (LOL) 

The hardest part about being an artist (for me)  is the struggle with time.

We all want more time ..and often saving money is the equivalent. We buy easy and we buy cheap and often that means going with the mainstream flow and buying from the giant box stores.

The imports that are cheap and fast ..are my hardest obstacle. 

People often don't want to wait for a handmade item and they expect it to be absolutely -machine quality- flawless for a quarter of the cost. I too am guilty ..especially when I'm short on time. 

I promise that buying American and being a little more patient will pay off. The quality will exceed your needs for years to come AND you will be proud of your goods! Doesn't it feel so much better knowing your item was handmade. I've got to say there's a magic in that! 

My second hardest I am a lover of life. I love to take in everything about the seasons. I could just pull up a chair and take in all the glory that is mother nature and the bustling happy family around me. Life if amazing! 

Often as an needs to be sped up..I'm making Christmas at Halloween and Easter at Christmas. So I find it hard to relax and enjoy the holiday or season when I'm already two ahead of everyone. There was a point in July when my husband walked into the studio and I was blasting "Nightmare Before Christmas" soundtrack. 

"Happy Hallothanksmas" 

Life is fast enough and we all struggle with the juggle :)

Keep the emails and messages coming..I enjoy hearing from you all! 

Sending you love and light, 


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